Recently, user rbox at the XDA Developers community, managed to create a custom recovery tool, based on TWRP recovery for the FireTV 2nd Generation.

Unlock FireTV 2nd GenerationHe publicly posted scripts, binaries and instructions, se everyone can replicate his rooting and custom recovery installation experience on their FireTV 2nd generation. You can read and comment on his brilliant work in first hand by following this link.

A word of caution: We assume this is a dynamic situation and although at the time of this tutorial the procedure is successfully performed on Version 5.0.4 or later of  FireOS, this may change in the future.

Once in place, this custom recovery tool will allow you to easily install any future pre-rooted Android OS version out there, tailored for your FireTV 2.

Needless to say, you can download several different, custom OS versions right from XDA Developers forum, but we definitely recommend you to use the Sloane’s prerooted ROMS, which are 100% compatible with rbox work (in fact, he strongly vouches for them, as you may read in his tutorials).

Rooting Android on your Fire TV 2nd Gen

You will need to follow these steps in order to successfully install the first recovery tool on your FireTV 2nd Gen, followed by a pre-rooted android OS:

  1. Download and install ADB and Fastroot on your computer.
  2. Grab an USB hub, an usb Keyboard and an USB flash memory.
  3. Download the latest pre-rooted Android OS, which can be found on this link  and copy it into the USB flash memory
  4. Download the installer  and recovery zip files stated in this XDA developers forum POST (and follow their instructions)

You will end up with a pre-rooted Android OS installed on your Fire TV. This will also include the first version of Rbox’s recovery tool.

Installing a better Custom Recovery tool on your FireTV 2nd Generation

One day later, the brilliant XDA developers forum user Rbox posted a better custom recovery tool, the one based in TWRP recovery. He announced it on this post along some installation instructions, which includes the need of already have installed his earlier depicted rooting and custom recovery.

Read carefully before rooting or adding a custom recovery on your FireTV

Please consider that in order to install apps (including Kodi mediaplayer) you do NOT need to have root access on your FireTV.

Before trying any of rbox tutorials consider first the need of being comfortable with technicalities and essentially knowing what is going on on each step.

Also, take into account that rooting and/or adding a custom recovery to your FireTV will void the warranty. I would therefore recommend you NOT to root it, unless you definitely need the root permission in order to install some custom app or framework and are knowledgeable on the language and therms used inside each of rbox’s tutorials.