There has been much interest and discussion about FireTV and our “rooting needs“, particularly after latest Amazon´s firmware update (version which introduced a new “feature”  called an eFuse, just to counteract any root tampering from the user side.

FireTV eFuse do not root your firetvWhen your new FireTV firmware detects “suspicious conditions” (i.e. rooted earlier firmware, or an unlocked bootloader),  it will burn the eFuse, which in turn will place your FireTV in a -rather obscure- recovery mode.

Once an eFuse is burned, you cannot repair it as it is actually a physical process in the circuit: It actually gets burned out!

This is a clever design which will signal it’s fused condition, leaving you no means of tampering about such flag.  If you want to learn more about eFuses, you may follow this link.

This eFuse triggering will definitely frustrate you, while effectively closing the door into any further rooting attempt.

Under this new light, I wonder -yet again- if rooting our FireTV boxes (and eventually FireTV sticks) is the way to go, considering that as long as you are able to sideload XBMC (or Kodi, as it is officially known now) into your FireTV, you already achieved media center bliss.

You can unlock XBMC / KODI full potential by installing plugins or “add-ons”

XBMC addons on your FireTVYou can even expand Kodi (ex XBMC)  already extensive list of features by means of  Kodi’s plug-in extension system. There are tons of plugins available out there both official from Kodi’s repositories and third party developers, which runs just fine on your FireTV.

So, if you bought your FireTV as a dedicated media center, you are already tapping into media center’s heaven while also being compliant with Amazon´s warranty policy.

What do you actually gain by rooting your FireTV ?

As long as you can sideload apps into your FireTV, you already succeeded circumventing the limited apps and games catalog officially available from Amazon’s App Store, without any need for root access.

Root FireTVThe question arises once again: why the need to root your fireTV ? I would say the main answer  for some of us  involves opening up a brave new world of customization possibilities.

But then, there are other Android boxes, with similar specs as Amazon’s FireTV which are far easier to customize, being powered by vanilla Android OS.

Is there any value on Amazon’s FireTV customized Android interfase ?

On the other hand, I wonder if there is any value on Amazon´s FireTV user interface, including their offering – luring- into paid content:  games, movies and tv serials, both Prime and pay to watch, the cloud amazon´s mp3 purchased centric music player, etc. just for me not to want to vanilla-ize into a standard android based box.

You can access prime video and paid content from anywhere in the world

Amazon FireTV InterfaceYour FireTV can be fooled into thinking that it is being used inside USA (or any country) by using any of the DNS based traffic redirection services. One of the best out there is which is paid, but it is not that expensive (about 4 USD monthly payment if I correctly recall).

What are you using your FireTV for ?

I would love to read your opinions about your motivation for rooting your FireTV, what do you think of Amazon´s FireTV own user interface, also if your are actually purchasing movies and tv serial views, etc. Another interesting question for you is if you are actually using Kodi plugins or addons (and which ones).

Please, take some time and use the comments section down here 🙂