You may very well unlock FireTV potential by installing XBMC,  the best multimedia center in existence. “Bold statement” you may be thinking -if you never gave XBMC a try-.

Unlock FireTVRight out of the box, your fireTV is certainly lacking on the local multimedia streaming side. If you are a seasoned media watcher, with terabytes of video, audio y photos locally stored, your FireTV -by factory default- won’t cope with the needed streaming task: Amazon oriented it’s first media player solely into cloud / paid services media streaming.

In short, you need a way to stream your locally stored videos, stored in your computer, your NAS, or even external USB hard disk. Also, by inspecting FireTV’s  hardware specs, this little black box seems to be very capable of fulfilling such niche. The “missing link” ? XBMC Media Center!

XBMC is a free, mature, full of features, easy to use, expandable through plugins, visually gorgeous media center. Just a fact of life, XBMC rocks 100%. At the time of this writing, it may also be a deciding factor to consider purchasing a fireTV.

Install XBMC and truly unlock FireTV potential

Unlock fireTV with xbmc media centerXBMC developers are currently tailoring a special version if XBMC Media Center for FireTV.  Since FireTV “has just happened”, the whole effort is just beginning, and although it is possible to already unlock FireTV into XBMC goodness, the steps are a bit cumbersome (read technical). But the result is completely worth the effort:

You may give it a try anyways, as the process won’t “reformat” or do any kind of mayor hack into your fireTV: It will only install a testing version of XBMC as a third party App on it.

Sure, the difficulty of the installation process is mainly because Amazon did not provide a straightforward path into installing “general public” apps on their AppStore, so the clever guys at XBMC are invoking the installation procedure externally, from a (windows based) PC, connected through USB into your FireTV. You can follow their instructions through this link.

Ways to further Unlock FireTV

It is to be noted that XBMC installation method purported on XBMC wiki may work for any other Android app!

ADB Server installing apk on firetvThe “Developer Options” and “ADB Debugging”  capabilities are available on amazon’s FireTV Android right out of the box, so you can readily turn them on.

On the other hard, Android SDK is readily available for public download, which includes the ADB Tool necessary to install Android apps “remotely” from your PC.  You can get it not only for Windows, but also for Mac and Linux!

This actually may indicate that you will be able to install not only XBMC media Center, but also any other Android App, provided that you get the APK file on your computer first.

You may very well give it a try now, or wait (can you ?) until XBMC streamlines it’s installation into an easy automated  procedure for your fireTV. Either way, keep an eye into our blog, as we are actively searching for new ways to unlock FireTV into it’s full potential!