FireTV Remote Control App for Android

I am glad I found Amazon’s free Fire TV Remote Control App for Android. I did not know about it until now, and for me it is a life saver. Let me tell you why: I’ve been having some problems with my Fire TV remote controller. Over the last month, my Fire TV remote controller developed an habit of randomly loosing connection with the Fire Tv CPU. Sometimes -most annoying- it happens after leaving a movie on PAUSE. when I get back in front of my TV, ready to resume my watching,  the RC is unresponsive. The only solution I found was to remove the RC batteries,...
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Keep your rooted FireTV from OTA updating!

You FireTV periodically checks into servers for new OS patches and updates to happen. Generally speaking this is a good thing, unless you have just managed to root Android on your FireTV. If you want to keep your root status, you may want to prevent  your FireTV from updating it’s Android OS. Historically speaking, Amazon tends to close every root gap on their Android based devices, with each OS update. How can I prevent my FireTV from checking into OS updates ? Technically speaking, there are three methods or instances where you may be able to achieve this. First let’s depict...
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