Unlocking the FireTV 2nd generation

Recently, user rbox at the XDA Developers community, managed to create a custom recovery tool, based on TWRP recovery for the FireTV 2nd Generation. He publicly posted scripts, binaries and instructions, se everyone can replicate his rooting and custom recovery installation experience on their FireTV 2nd generation. You can read and comment on his brilliant work in first hand by following this link. A word of caution: We assume this is a dynamic situation and although at the time of this tutorial the procedure is successfully performed on Version 5.0.4 or later of  FireOS, this may change in the future. Once in place, this custom recovery tool will allow you to easily install any future pre-rooted Android OS...
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FireTV Mods

Install FireStarter Launcher on your FireTV

You will need to install the FireStarter apps launcher on your FireTV if you need an alternate homescreen with the apps you use most, instead of the standard Amazon‘s homescreen. The main problem with default Amazon’s homescreen, besides the fact that it is full of Vendor’s related stuff, is it’s unfriendliness with third party apps: You have no way to promote your recently installed (probably by sideloading or from an external source as depicted in this tutorial) Kodi mediaplayer or any other non officially sanctioned app. Hence, normally you would need to navigate into Settings, Apps, list all apps,...
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Unlock your FireTV potential without rooting it

There has been much interest and discussion about FireTV and our “rooting needs“, particularly after latest Amazon´s firmware update (version which introduced a new “feature”  called an eFuse, just to counteract any root tampering from the user side. When your new FireTV firmware detects “suspicious conditions” (i.e. rooted earlier firmware, or an unlocked bootloader),  it will burn the eFuse, which in turn will place your FireTV in a -rather obscure- recovery mode. Once an eFuse is burned, you cannot repair it as it is actually a physical process in the circuit: It actually gets burned out! This is a clever design which will signal it’s fused condition, leaving...
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Alternative ROMS

Goodbye Netflix White Screen on FireTV

Finally some resilient bugs and problems on your FireTV have been ridden out: Particularly on the Netflix app, which has been misbehaving for tons of FireTV users. I was one of those users. My FireTV kept showing me a white screen when loading Netflix. I tried to reboot it, but the white screen kept coming up. I deleted the Netflix app cache, with no good results either. On different forums I read that the solution included factory defaulting (hard reset) my FireTV. I was not in the mood. I reinstalled the Netflix App and finally the white screen dissapeared....
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Google Play Store

Install Google Play Store on FireTV

You are able to install Google Play Store on FireTV, provided that you got root permission on your FireTV. At the time o this writing, July 4th 2014, all fireTV units are capable of being rooted, independently of any OS update previously installed. So it may be a simple task to meet such requirement. But given the “dynamic” relationship between Amazon, Android and their fire OS development, such premise may not hold true at the time you are reading this. So first, please, be sure to root your FireTV. A sure try would be our own tutorial, as we try to be...
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