Amazon’s Fire TV Remote Control

My Fire TV remote control is failing on me. It just looses connection (apparently it randomly shuts off, appearing “offline” on the System / controllers menu).  When it happens, I start fidgeting with the remote control. I take the batteries off, then put them back again. I try to make the remote control to be “discoverable” by pressing the OK button (in the center of the “joystick wheel”) for 5-10 seconds, I wait some time, try it again, and when finding no response, go back to taking the batteries off… several times. Finally, good luck strikes me after some minutes and the...
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Remote control your FireTV through USB

Last night I found myself with the dire need of controlling my FireTV through USB. How did this happen ? Easy enough, I like to fiddle with my FireTV. One particular achievement I am usually thankful for has been being able to add bluetooth headphones support into my FireTV. But as you can read in that earlier tutorial, first I had to install  (by sideloading, just as it is done with XBMC apk) a settings.apk into my FireTV. This settings.apk comprised of the full settings menu found on fully fledged android devices. Once installed, the Settings apk would allow me to access the...
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FireTV Mods

FireTV Hidden Commands

As it usually happens with almost every “computerized appliances” out there, our FireTV media player includes a set of hidden commands. Some of those hidden commands can be triggered by pressing a combination of buttons on it’s remote control. The actual list of available commands has not been issued by amazon (and frankly, I think such list will never be officially released), so we only got to play with those button combinations that some clever guys found out of systematic experimentation. One or more of these found  commands may actually be, actially of practical use for you, so here we lay the learnt button combinations:...
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