Amazon’s Fire TV Remote Control

My Fire TV remote control is failing on me. It just looses connection (apparently it randomly shuts off, appearing “offline” on the System / controllers menu).  When it happens, I start fidgeting with the remote control. I take the batteries off, then put them back again. I try to make the remote control to be “discoverable” by pressing the OK button (in the center of the “joystick wheel”) for 5-10 seconds, I wait some time, try it again, and when finding no response, go back to taking the batteries off… several times. Finally, good luck strikes me after some minutes and the...
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Google Play Store

Install Google Play Store on FireTV

You are able to install Google Play Store on FireTV, provided that you got root permission on your FireTV. At the time o this writing, July 4th 2014, all fireTV units are capable of being rooted, independently of any OS update previously installed. So it may be a simple task to meet such requirement. But given the “dynamic” relationship between Amazon, Android and their fire OS development, such premise may not hold true at the time you are reading this. So first, please, be sure to root your FireTV. A sure try would be our own tutorial, as we try to be...
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Sideloading Apps into your FireTV

You may not need to root your FireTV in order to further unlock it’s potential. Many users are finding the sideloading capabilities of their FireTV units more than enough for expanding it’s usage scope. You won’t void your warranty, as the sideloading capability is readily built-in! ¿ What does Sideloading means ? If you do not understand what “sideloading” means in FireTV context, I am obliged to explain: As of this writing, your FireTV has no Google play or Amazon store installed; so you cannot add apps and games “the easy way” as you would normally do with your...
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