Fire TV evolved !

The Fire TV truly evolved with the software update released on the last days of March 2015. I would say that this firmware update finally makes my Fire TV a nice product. Many will argue that the added functionality should have been included a year ago, when releasing the Fire TV into the market, and I cannot disagree with that. But “it is what it is”, and today, a year later, we get to enjoy two  unlocked major features;  without the need to root or modify our Fire TV units in any way: Fire TV now accepts USB Mass Storage...
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FireTV Remote Control App for Android

I am glad I found Amazon’s free Fire TV Remote Control App for Android. I did not know about it until now, and for me it is a life saver. Let me tell you why: I’ve been having some problems with my Fire TV remote controller. Over the last month, my Fire TV remote controller developed an habit of randomly loosing connection with the Fire Tv CPU. Sometimes -most annoying- it happens after leaving a movie on PAUSE. when I get back in front of my TV, ready to resume my watching,  the RC is unresponsive. The only solution I found was to remove the RC batteries,...
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Alternative ROMS

Goodbye Netflix White Screen on FireTV

Finally some resilient bugs and problems on your FireTV have been ridden out: Particularly on the Netflix app, which has been misbehaving for tons of FireTV users. I was one of those users. My FireTV kept showing me a white screen when loading Netflix. I tried to reboot it, but the white screen kept coming up. I deleted the Netflix app cache, with no good results either. On different forums I read that the solution included factory defaulting (hard reset) my FireTV. I was not in the mood. I reinstalled the Netflix App and finally the white screen dissapeared....
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