Rooting the FireTV first generation

Now we got a working method for rooting the FireTV with FireOS 5.0.5 and although I do not recommend it, for sake of informing you, I am exposing it in here: Fire OS 5.0.5 is the latest tailored Android OS -at the time of this writing- for both the Stick and box first version of FireTV and includes an exploitable bug which a Chinese rooting tool called KingRoot seems to manage quite well. You’ll need to download or sideload and run the KingRoot APK into your fireTV. This KingRoot tool seems to reportedly be the best “stand alone” rooting tool for almost any Android device. Rooting your FireTV...
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Installing apk files directly from your Fire TV

Your Fire TV runs a mildly modified version of Android operative system, which includes Amazon’s app store as the official source for installing apps and games. Regrettably enough, the Amazon’s App Store is heavily censored on apps and games availability for your Fire TV. At this time, your Fire TV is also quite un-rootable and thus you cannot install the Google App store. Many of us managed to circumvent this limitation by downloading our favorite apps and games into our computer. Then, with the help of ADB command line (which is part of Google’s Android SDK, in the form of a command line...
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