FireTV Mods

FireTV 2nd Generation

The new 2015 Fire TV, launched on October 2015 on and in selected stores (i.e. is quite a hardware upgrade, compared with the original Fire TV: A dedicated graphics co-processor and a central processor with 75% performance increase, a new remote controller (which uses WIFI signals instead of Bluetooth), and a MicroSD slot for Flash Ram expansion. The best hardware upgrade, I saved it for last: 4K video playback support. On the Fire TV stick side, the offer is less spectacular, but includes new bundles and remote controller as well. The important thing is that Kodi and most other...
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Remote control your FireTV through USB

Last night I found myself with the dire need of controlling my FireTV through USB. How did this happen ? Easy enough, I like to fiddle with my FireTV. One particular achievement I am usually thankful for has been being able to add bluetooth headphones support into my FireTV. But as you can read in that earlier tutorial, first I had to install  (by sideloading, just as it is done with XBMC apk) a settings.apk into my FireTV. This settings.apk comprised of the full settings menu found on fully fledged android devices. Once installed, the Settings apk would allow me to access the...
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