Now we got a working method for rooting the FireTV with FireOS 5.0.5 and although I do not recommend it, for sake of informing you, I am exposing it in here:

Rooting FireTV First GenerationFire OS 5.0.5 is the latest tailored Android OS -at the time of this writing- for both the Stick and box first version of FireTV and includes an exploitable bug which a Chinese rooting tool called KingRoot seems to manage quite well.

You’ll need to download or sideload and run the KingRoot APK into your fireTV. This KingRoot tool seems to reportedly be the best “stand alone” rooting tool for almost any Android device.

Rooting your FireTV with Kingroot

All things said, I do NOT recommend using the KingRoot tool on your FireTV device because there are no guarantees about any malicious code lurking inside this Chinese piece of code.  For a start, along with the rooting procedure, it installs a garbage package with unwanted publicity and useless stuff.

As KingRoot works its magic and gains superuser access into your FireTV it may also install a backdoor from where the Chinese developers may gain access into your FireTV and, say, grab a copy of your passwords.

Frankly there are no indications -at this time- that any malicious code is installed, but since Kingroot is NOT open-sourced, there is no way to audit the tasks that it performs inside your FireTV.

Do you really need to root your FireTV ?

APK-King-Root-firetvHence, the same old question arises about your need of rooting your FireTv. Why? You can install KODI, the best mediaplayer out there, in your FireTV without root permission.

You can also install the FireStarter Home screen and get rid of Amazon´s start screen, again with no root access. Actually, installing FireStarter got even easier, by following this tutorial, found on GitHub.

I am not placing a link into KingRoot homepage because Google determined that it is “malicious code” hence it flags either that homepage or any webpage linking to it on RED as a security problem.

I definitely don’t want this article to be red tainted 🙂

Now, if you are really determined to root your first generation FireTV, then do a web search for Kingroot homepage and download the apk right from there: When run, you will find a chinese interface, but it is quite simple and self explanatory.