WARNING: This post is quite old and regrettably enough, these instructions won’t work now, on FireTV units with new firmware. Instead of rooting your device, you will actually do the contrary: Amazon placed a “fuse” inside their code that records any attempt on rooting your FireTV. When the fuse is triggered, your amazon fireTV will suffer: Read more about the software fuse inside your FireTV by following this link.


root fireTV amazonFinally, there is an easy FireTV root process that will work on your Fire TV -for now-. At the time of this writing, the following Android root procedure will be successful on your FireTV.

What do I gain by rooting Android on my Fire TV ?

By rooting Android on your Fire TV, you will gain real administrative power over it. This means that you will be able to modify your Fire TV‘s operative system in any way you want.

As soon as new tutorials emerge,  you will be able to install the Google Play Store, all kind of games, and lot’s of goodies.

Root FireTVA word of caution also: By being the root user (the administrative owner) of your Fire TV, you could also harm it in such way as to become useless.

Also, please consider: Amazon will probably eliminate this root backdoor on their next FireTV Android update. You shall block any future Android update in order to prevent this, but this will also keep you out of any new feature, improvement or bug fix that Amazon may include in such updates.

How do I root my Fire TV ?

You will need to download from the web two apk files: The Towelroot  from it’s towelroot.com website and the SuperSU from it’s corresponding website.

First, you will need to side-load the towelroot apk and run it. If you don’t know how to sideload an apk into your FireTV, you can first read our sideloading tutorial.

Also, if you are using a Windows computer, you may try the Amazon FireTV Side App Installer, a very useful piece of code that an Android enthusiast created and freely shares in here.

Towelroot buttonThe Towelroot app will bring up a black screen with a yellow button stating “make it ra1n” on it:

Just press it and let the towelroot rooting app perform it’s magic.

The Towelroot app will need to reboot your FireTV as part of the rooting process, so don’t panic at it 🙂

Then you will need to sideload and install the SuperSU apk. Run it and please accept any update it may ask you to perform. If asked, please select the NORMAL UPDATE method.

How do I check I have successfully rooted Android on my Fire TV ?

You may try the adb shell su command from your computer while your fireTV is tethered by USB into it. You probably have the whole setup already made, if you have just been sideloading the necessary apk into it.

When executing that command into the adb, your FireTV should automatically bring up a messagebox asking you for granting root access through SuperSU. Just press into GRANT: Everything is OK.

While at it, we strongly suggest that you also download, sideload  and install the BusyBox apk into your FireTV, which comprises a set of useful commands.

The BusyBox is a requirement for several other apps that take advantage of the rooted status on your FireTV, so it will most probably be needed in your inmediate future.