The following tutorial will teach you different reset methods for your Amazon FireTV. Underneath the nice minimalist black box of your FireTV there is a rather complex computer, running the Android operative system, as you already know.

Reset FireTV

When your FireTV interacts with the different apps and games you may have installed, there is always the chance for some bug to emerge as a resource hog, memory leak, and /or  a plethora of  misbehaving software blues.

In  consecuence, you may notice that your FireTV is slowing down, having hiccups, playing funny, or directly freezing on you. Just as it actually happens with any computer.

So, instead of blaming your FireTV on instability issues, I recommend you to learn how to reset it, either simply as unplugging it from its power source, or a more complicated (but still, easy enough) ritual of hard resetting it into factory default mode.

Reset your Amazon FireTV by recycling the OS

reset android from remote controllerThis is the easy way to reset for your Amazon FireTV and it may be accomplished by the simple act of unplugging the mains adaptor for five or so seconds.

But then again, you may be lazy enough not to want to perform such an action.

If I am comfortably lying on my bed, I would prefer to press some kind of buttons combination on my remote control in order to reset Android on my fireTV.

No worries there, just press SELECT and PLAY buttons for 10 seconds and power shall be recycled on your FireTV.

If this does not work, maybe you will have to get up, after all, and physically recycle power by unplugging the power adapter!

Hard Reset your Amazon FireTV into factory default by remote control

Reset Android from menu on FireTVIf things really go south on your FireTV then you need to perform a hard reset, returning it into factory default mode. This will leave your FireTV just as if you bought it.

All personal configuration, installed apps, games, passwords, etc. gone! but then, a hard reset will almost guarantee to recover into life your fireTV from non-working state.

You need to press RIGHT and BACK buttons for 10 seconds to initiate the Factory default reset.

Hard reset your FireTV from the settings menu

If your fireTV is still in working condition and you want to hard reset Android only to gain space, or even before reselling it, you may just invoke the Factory reset option from the Settings menu.