FireTV Mods

FireTV Hidden Commands

As it usually happens with almost every “computerized appliances” out there, our FireTV media player includes a set of hidden commands. Some of those hidden commands can be triggered by pressing a combination of buttons on it’s remote control. The actual list of available commands has not been issued by amazon (and frankly, I think such list will never be officially released), so we only got to play with those button combinations that some clever guys found out of systematic experimentation. One or more of these found  commands may actually be, actially of practical use for you, so here we lay the learnt button combinations:...
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FireTV Bluetooth Headphones

You surely got a nice set of Bluetooth headphones around. But then, your FireTV also got Bluetooth connectivity so you may wonder “What about using my bluetooth headphones ?” Well at least I know I did wonder about it. Fueled mainly by the need of watching somewhat noisy movies, while the kids are sleeping, my interest includes certain urgency. So I promptly started digging into this topic, with the hope of finding a solution… which I did find, kinda!. Let me tell you about it: At the time of this writing, the official online documentation for FireTV states that the Bluetooth interface includes...
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Media Center

Launch XBMC from FireTV’s Main Screen

So you have successfully side-loaded XBMC into your FireTV. Then you realize that every time you want to launch XBMC you should navigate into SETTINGS, then select Applications, Manage all applications, find XMBC and finally run it from there. What a nonsensical trip! It happens that side-loaded apps, specifically those that Amazon does not like you to install, will not be visible from your FireTV main screen. Not even under the RECENT row. Nada. Zip. How can I leave an XBMC “Shortcut” on my FireTV main screen ? Thankfully enough it is possible to leave a shortcut on your FireTV...
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Google Play Store

Install Google Play Store on FireTV

You are able to install Google Play Store on FireTV, provided that you got root permission on your FireTV. At the time o this writing, July 4th 2014, all fireTV units are capable of being rooted, independently of any OS update previously installed. So it may be a simple task to meet such requirement. But given the “dynamic” relationship between Amazon, Android and their fire OS development, such premise may not hold true at the time you are reading this. So first, please, be sure to root your FireTV. A sure try would be our own tutorial, as we try to be...
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Keep your rooted FireTV from OTA updating!

You FireTV periodically checks into servers for new OS patches and updates to happen. Generally speaking this is a good thing, unless you have just managed to root Android on your FireTV. If you want to keep your root status, you may want to prevent  your FireTV from updating it’s Android OS. Historically speaking, Amazon tends to close every root gap on their Android based devices, with each OS update. How can I prevent my FireTV from checking into OS updates ? Technically speaking, there are three methods or instances where you may be able to achieve this. First let’s depict...
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