Nyko game controller for FireTVThe Nyko game controller is a very interesting alternative for your FireTV, as it costs about half the price of the offical Amazon’s game controller, but works and feels just like it.

Actually I feel that paying more than 20 dollars for a game controller, when weighting in the rather low game quality of your fireTV, is an overkill, so I would never have paid the money asked for the original game controller by Amazon.

The Nyko game controller is compatible also with all Android devices (provided they run Android 3.0 or better). Check their own website and product specs following this link.

Installing the Nyko Game Controller for FireTV

As it turns out, Amazon itself seems to understand this price conundrum, because they actually contemplate this Nyko game controllers brand on their System / Controllers / add game controller options:

When starting the pairing process, your FireTV will advice you to check the correct setting on your Nyko’s bottom selector slider: It needs to be on the “gamepad” position. Mine came just like that from factory.

You will first turn on your Nyko Controller by pressing the HOME button for four seconds. Then you will initiate the pairing procedure by pressing and holding the Home button again for four seconds more: The blinking red light on the back of your Nyko game controller will start blinking faster. You will need to prompty release the HOME button, because if you keep it pressed for a second or so more, it will power off.

Nyko Game Controller installation when Settings.apk is present

There is an alternative pairing procedure for your Nyko Game Controller if you happen to own a bluetooth headphone, and you previously installed the Settings.Apk in order to make it work with your FireTV. If you do not know what I am talking about, and are curious about it, please read this other post.

The pairing procedure from the “official” menu (inside System – controllers option) won’t work, as it has been “superseded” by the Settings.apk subroutines. Hence you need to navigate into your installed Apps list, find the Settings app, run it, and from THERE initiate the pairing of your Nyko Game Controller for FireTv.