So you have successfully side-loaded XBMC into your FireTV. Then you realize that every time you want to launch XBMC you should navigate into SETTINGS, then select Applications, Manage all applications, find XMBC and finally run it from there. What a nonsensical trip!

It happens that side-loaded apps, specifically those that Amazon does not like you to install, will not be visible from your FireTV main screen. Not even under the RECENT row. Nada. Zip.

How can I leave an XBMC “Shortcut” on my FireTV main screen ?

Llama xbmc FireTVThankfully enough it is possible to leave a shortcut on your FireTV main screen, which will actually appear besides “RECENT” and also a bit below, on “Apps” rows. You will be able to accomplish this by using a third party “facilitating” app called “Llama“.

Llama allows you to define “events” that may call an “action” when triggered. An event can be actually a certain App being started.  An action can certainly be “to run another App”. Hence, in short we will install a pretty much useless -but Amazon sanctioned- App (I recommed you to search for and install the “Classic TV” app) and then tell Lama that each time you start the Classic TV app, you actually mean to run “XBMC”.

If you are the tinkering kind of person, you may play a bit more with Llama, as you will find lots of usable Events for triggering actions. Like starting XBMC as soon as your FireTV starts Up, if it fancies you.

Anyway, once you sideloaded Llama into your FireTV, you can Launch it from Settings -> Applications -> Manage all Applications.

Using Lama to launch XBMC on your FireTV

You may download the Llama App by using this link, or at fault, just search the web for “Llama App for Android”. You can also find it on Google Play Store.

Once the Llama App has been sideloaded and is running, you need to create a NEW EVENT. You will add a NEW CONDITION, called Active Application. clic on CHOOSE APP and scroll down into “Classic TV” and select it.

Now you will select ADD ACTION in order to tell LLama that you actually want to launch XBMC whenever that useless Classic TV app gets launched.

Once inside the ADD ACTION screen, select RUN APPLICATION and scroll into XBMC from the availalbe Apps list.

Now go back and you will see your freshly created EVENT / ACTION listed on the Llama main screen.

That’s all Folks: You instructed you FireTV to actually launch XBMC whenever you launch Classic TV, thanks to this wonderful Llama Android Application.