You are able to install Google Play Store on FireTV, provided that you got root permission on your FireTV.

install Google Play Store on FireTVAt the time o this writing, July 4th 2014, all fireTV units are capable of being rooted, independently of any OS update previously installed.

So it may be a simple task to meet such requirement.

But given the “dynamic” relationship between AmazonAndroid and their fire OS development, such premise may not hold true at the time you are reading this.

So first, please, be sure to root your FireTV. A sure try would be our own tutorial, as we try to be up-to-date on this topic.

Prerequisites in order to install Google Play Store on FireTV

First of all you will need to download certain files needed to install Google Play Store on FireTV. As some users in the excellent XDADeveloper Forum stated, the following files (hopefully the links are still working!) will need to be downloaded on your FireTV:

  1. Download and install XPOSED FRAMEWORK and HDXPOSED.APK on your FireTV
  2. Now find and launch Xposed application
  3. Select Framework and click on INSTALL
  4. Navigate into MODULES and enable HDXPosed module (more info about it in here)

Install Google Play Store on FireTV

The following apps include the necessary files (and the actual Google Play Store Apk). You will need to download and install the following APKS as the final step. If the link is out of order, then here you will find a Mirror of such files.

Ready: You’ve been able to install Google Play Store on FireTv! Now you need to start the Store app and register into Google Play Store with your email and password.