You will need to install the FireStarter apps launcher on your FireTV if you need an alternate homescreen with the apps you use most, instead of the standard Amazon‘s homescreen.

Install Firestarter on FireTVThe main problem with default Amazon’s homescreen, besides the fact that it is full of Vendor’s related stuff, is it’s unfriendliness with third party apps: You have no way to promote your recently installed (probably by sideloading or from an external source as depicted in this tutorial) Kodi mediaplayer or any other non officially sanctioned app.

Hence, normally you would need to navigate into Settings, Apps, list all apps, find the desired app and run it from there. Too cumbersome. For the earlier FireTV 2014 model, you could use the Llama app, which provided a way to bypass this limitation. But now, we got a better option:

Firestarter Launcher to the rescue

Firestarter Launcher comes to the rescue, essentially allowing you to perform the needed trick. It does not need root permission, so, it can be used by everyone.

FireStarter works by lurking on the background, waiting for you to press the HOME button on your FireTV’s remote.

When the default amazon’s homescreen is invoked, FireStarter jumps into the front, showing your selected apps.

Installing Firestarter

You will need  to download it on your desktop computer and sideload it into your FireTV.

You can find a fresh link into the most recent FireStarter version on their official XDA Developers forum thread.

Once Downloaded, you need to sideload it into your FireTV with the help of the ADB util, by issueing the following command line on your computer:

  • adb install -r FireStarter_v3.2.1.apk

Then you will need to run FireStarter for the first time by issueing another command from your PC:

  • adb shell am start -n “de.belu.firestarter/de.belu.firestarter.gui.MainActivity”

This last command will add the necessary system-level hooks inside your FireTV in order to make FireStarter to work correctly.

Anyway, this install procedure is specific for FireStarter version 3.2.1 … you may check on the XDA Developers FORUM (actually on the sale thread where you downloaded it) for different instructions.

If you detect any difference when comparing against their installation steps, please, follow their updated installation procedure instead: As FireStarter App keeps evolving, so may also happen with their installation procedure.