FireTV no bugs on netflixFinally some resilient bugs and problems on your FireTV have been ridden out: Particularly on the Netflix app, which has been misbehaving for tons of FireTV users. I was one of those users.

My FireTV kept showing me a white screen when loading Netflix.

I tried to reboot it, but the white screen kept coming up.

I deleted the Netflix app cache, with no good results either. On different forums I read that the solution included factory defaulting (hard reset) my FireTV.

I was not in the mood.

I reinstalled the Netflix App and finally the white screen dissapeared. Only to return some days later. I was definitely upset with my FireTV.

New Netflix app and FireTV system update

A couple of days ago, I found out that my FireTV was autoupdated into latest firmware from amazon.

This update is called and was needed in order for the newest Netflix app to work. If you already rooted your FireTV, and thus are blocking the autoupdate feature, you may download a pre-rooted version of this new firmware by searching for the link and discussion on the original XDA-Developers forum thread.

Netflix FireTV new interfaceI also found out this new Netflix app, which is quite better than the original which came with my FireTV. Just search for it, if you do not have it installed; It gets rid of the white screen and also looks gorgeous.


The only caveat: The new Netflix app, apparently needs the latest FireTV Update (which should have been pushed into your device automatically by this time).

What about XBMC ?

I read somewhere that the latest FireTV update “breaks” XBMC on your FireTV. So I did test it, only to find XBMC loading and working as usual.