You FireTV periodically checks into servers for new OS patches and updates to happen.

firetv root prevent updateGenerally speaking this is a good thing, unless you have just managed to root Android on your FireTV.

If you want to keep your root status, you may want to prevent  your FireTV from updating it’s Android OS.

Historically speaking, Amazon tends to close every root gap on their Android based devices, with each OS update.

How can I prevent my FireTV from checking into OS updates ?

Technically speaking, there are three methods or instances where you may be able to achieve this. First let’s depict the whole update process in simple words:

  1. Your FireTV periodically launches an Update Check app
  2. The Update Check app searches for update servers
  3. If the servers are up and got an update, the app will download and install it.

Understanding this update checking process may will help us understanding the available approaches for preventing the update from happening:

  1. You can disable the Update Check app (preferred option!)
  2. You can block any internet connection into amazon servers
  3. You can make believe your FireTV that the IP address for the amazon servers is null, preventing it from finding them.

Disabling the Update Check app

This is by far the best option available to prevent FireTV from updating itself and thus loosing your root status. You will need to connect your FireTV through USB into your computer and by using ADB, issuing the necessary commands:

disable firetv os update through adbFirst, you need to gain root status un your shell. This is done by typing the command “su” and pressing return. Second, you need to tell your FireTV’s Android OS to disable the Update Check app.

You can do it by typing “pm disable” and pressing return.

If everything went OK, the ADB shell shall tell you that the package is now in disabled state: “Package new state: disabled

Mission accomplished: You may exit the adb shell and be confident that your FireTV will remain rooted as long as the remains disabled (that is: Until you enable it again for whatever reason).