It may come as an unpleasant surprise to learn that the FireTV Stick suffers from heat problems. What is even worse: this is not a new problem for these kind of android devices:

Fire TV Stick Heating problem

Heating problem solution by user msanangelo on reddit

The Chinese companies producing Android USB  and HDMI Sticks got to discover, tackle and solve the heating problem in their early production stage, we are talking about years 2011-2012 here.

Hence, it is quite unbelievable that almost two years after the Android HDMI sticks market has been rolling forward, Amazon jumps into this market niche introducing an -essentially flawed- plastic case design.

So, last night We had a pizza and TV meeting at a friend’s house, only to discover that his Amazon FireTV Stick was acting up, crawling and jumping all over the main menu screen.

At times the remote controller was completely unresponsive. I thought that my friend was suffering the “unresponsive remote syndrome” but when I tried with the gamepad controller, the same freezing slugginess was evident.

FireTV Stick heat problem due to plastic casing ?

FireTV Stick would surely benefit from using a metallic body casing, just like the Chinese Android sticks fixed the same heat problem on theirs in earlier years.

s21h-Android-StickA nice example of this heat problem being tackled and solved would be the S21H Android Stick PC, sold on last quarter 2012, which was encased by a sleek aluminium body.

The S21H Android stick had impressive specs including 2gb of RAM (twice as Amazon FireTV stick’s) and a dual processor (just like Amazon’s) but running at 1.6 Ghz (faster than Amazon FireTV stick). It included other niceties, like a microSD slot for flash memory expansion.

Fixing FireTV Stick heat problems

I took a peek behind his LCD TV only to find the FireTV stick pressed against the TV plastic casing, being held by pressure behind a bunch of audio cables.

When I touched the FireTV Stick, It was burning in high temperature.

I did recall immediately about the heat problems with earlier Chinese Android sticks: I realized that Amazon did not capitalize on that earlier learning experience.

If you search the web for “Fire TV stick heat problem” you will realize it is a common and recurring problem. Different users solved it in different ways. On reddit I found the picture I placed on top of this article.

My approach to the heat problem was way more simple: I proceeded to take the fireTV stick out of it’s “heat jail” near the LCD TV, leaving it just hanging in the air, down.

I gave it some seconds to cool down a bit and then I plugged the micro USB power: Now the FireTV Stick worked just fine. We watched a movie with no problems whatsoever. The FireTV Stick heat problem was solved by letting it freely hanging in the air at room temperature.