Fire TV remote control not respondingI am glad I found Amazon’s free Fire TV Remote Control App for Android. I did not know about it until now, and for me it is a life saver. Let me tell you why: I’ve been having some problems with my Fire TV remote controller. Over the last month, my Fire TV remote controller developed an habit of randomly loosing connection with the Fire Tv CPU.

Sometimes -most annoying- it happens after leaving a movie on PAUSE. when I get back in front of my TV, ready to resume my watching,  the RC is unresponsive.

The only solution I found was to remove the RC batteries, while recycling power on the Fire TV. Of course, I tried new batteries.  I even updated the firmware inside the remote controller … but the problem persists. Maybe I got a faulty Fire TV remote controller.

Amazon’s free App for remote controlling your Fire TV is available

Fire TV Remote Control App for AndroidThe Remote controller App for Android is available for free on Amazon App Store. There is no need to install or touch anything on your Fire TV: You just search and download the Amazon Fire TV Remote App on your Android device, be it Tablet or phone, and voilá!


You will need to have both your Fire TV and Android device residing on the same local network (i.e. both connected into your home’s wifi) for the magic to happen.  So, now  I have a -rather sophisticated- remote controller at hand in order to resume control of my Fire TV. Not that I am 100% happy, as I am still lamenting the apparent breaking down of my original Fire TV RC.

Updating your Fire TV RC or Gamepad firmware

Update firmware on your Fire TV remote controllersBy the way … when was the last time (if ever) that you checked the availability (and installed) for any firmware update on your Amazon’s remote controller or gamepad ? I recommend you to do it now:

  1. ON your FireTV main screen, scroll down into the Settings options
  2. Navigate into CONTROLLERS options
  3. Select your Amazon Fire TV controllers option.
  4. Select your Amazon controller: if there is an update available, it will tell you so on the expanding popup box.
  5. Follow On-screen instructions. Be patient, it may take a while (some minutes) to finish.