FireTV hidden commandsAs it usually happens with almost every “computerized appliances” out there, our FireTV media player includes a set of hidden commands.

Some of those hidden commands can be triggered by pressing a combination of buttons on it’s remote control.

The actual list of available commands has not been issued by amazon (and frankly, I think such list will never be officially released), so we only got to play with those button combinations that some clever guys found out of systematic experimentation.

One or more of these found  commands may actually be, actially of practical use for you, so here we lay the learnt button combinations:

FireTV Hidden Commands up to this date

  • The SELECT + RIGHT + BACK + REVERSE combination of buttons will make your FireTV cycle between different screen resolutions. This may come handy if you go from a 1080P TV SET into another place with a 720P TV and had the former resolution manually selected. This procedure will help you on getting your FireTV to work with the new TV / Monitor with lower resolution
  • RIGHT + BACK for 10 seconds will ask you for doing a factory reset on your FireTV.
  • SELECT + PLAY for 10 seconds will make your FIRETV to restart.

Are there other FireTV Hidden Commands ?

Just in case you may find appealing the experimentation concept, please be advised that one user already triggered a “send report into Amazon” msgbox.

So, unless you don’t care about what may happen afterwards (or what kind of information does the “report” include) we recommend you to stick into the already discovered button sequences.