The new 2015 Fire TV, launched on October 2015 on and in selected stores (i.e. is quite a hardware upgrade, compared with the original Fire TV:

New Fire TV 2nd GenerationA dedicated graphics co-processor and a central processor with 75% performance increase, a new remote controller (which uses WIFI signals instead of Bluetooth), and a MicroSD slot for Flash Ram expansion.

The best hardware upgrade, I saved it for last: 4K video playback support.

On the Fire TV stick side, the offer is less spectacular, but includes new bundles and remote controller as well.

The important thing is that Kodi and most other apps not found in the official Amazon app store, can still be installed thru the usual methods.

Fire OS was upgraded for 2015 Fire TV

On the software side, the new Fire TV includes an updated operative System, the Fire OS 5, which is certainly more refined than the old version FIRE OS 3.

Regrettably enough for us, the old methods for promoting you beloved Kodi mediaplayer app as an icon on your FireTv’s main screen.

Placing Kodi and other selected apps on the main screen

Firestarter 3.0 Fire TVA new version of Firestarter, a homescreen replacement app for your FireTV, comes to the rescue:

The Firestarter 3.0 is an update that fixes the Fire OS 5 incompatibility with earlier versions, while being a better option that good old -now retired- llama App.

Firestarter 3.0 does not require root access, so it works with vanilla FireTV just as it comes from the store.

The only caveat is that Firestart in the current 3.0 version prevents ADB external connections into your FireTV.

So, if you are still using the sideload trick to add apps and games into your FireTV, you will need to forcefully quit your Firestarter app, for adb to work properly.  But then, I recommend you the File Explorer method for installing your new apks.

After installing your apks, you can restart the Firestarter app.