My Fire TV remote control is failing on me. It just looses connection (apparently it randomly shuts off, appearing “offline” on the System / controllers menu).  When it happens, I start fidgeting with the remote control.

Fire Tv remote batteries off

I take the batteries off, then put them back again. I try to make the remote control to be “discoverable” by pressing the OK button (in the center of the “joystick wheel”) for 5-10 seconds, I wait some time, try it again, and when finding no response, go back to taking the batteries off… several times.

Finally, good luck strikes me after some minutes and the remote control comes back to life.

Sometimes I am graced with a sufficiently long working period in order to control my Fire TV over an entire movie, but most of the times it is just a brief lapse of remote control wonder, only to fail again, when I need to pause the video. In short words, completely unreliable.

Searching for a (fixable) clue inside Amazon´s remote Control

I decided to open my remote control in the search of “something” repairable inside. HA HA … Not an easy disassembly process at all:

Fire Tv Remote insideIf you ever need (for what!?) to open your Amazon’s Fire TV remote control, be advised that there are 6 screws.

The first four are at plain sight after pulling off the batteries cover.

The other two are on the upper end, hidden by a plastic finish, which is placed there by pressure and glue.

I missed those hidden screws, I pried open the case, cracking the whole thing. If only I had first peeked into this dissassembly guide

There is nothing inside that even suggests to be remotely accessible for repair, unless you are an engineer with a specialty in this kinds of gadgets, I suppose.

There is no wire that may be unsoldered, nothing for a simple guy with a soldering gun to fix.

Alternatives to Amazon’s Remote control

Since the original Amazon Fire TV remote control is about USD 30 -quite expensive-, I am searching for alternatives. Sadly enough I could not find a third party alternative on the same “candy bar” format as the Amazon’s Fire TV remote control. You see: it is not your everyday RC here … it is a bluetooth remote control.

If you can live without voice search, then you may purchase a Fire TV Stick remote control, which is about half priced.

Also, you can always use a Nyko gamepad as an alternative, if you don’t mind the gamepad format. You can also use, the Fire TV mobile app, available for your Android and IOS based phones and tablets.